Company activity

Establishment of ALPEX Mining Construction Work Enterprise Ltd. in 1992 was accompanied by restructuring of Polish hard coal mining as well as demand for mining works in the Czech coal mines. Mining works and services were mainly concentrated in the Czech coal mines situated in the Karvina area.

Presently we employ in this area over 1000 Polish mining experts. In 1996-1999 we were engaged in performance of mining works in the copper ore mine in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Our activity there had to be cancelled due to NATO military operations. Since 2nd quarter of 2000 Polish experts sent by our company, within the scope of concluded contracts, performed large-dimension drillings of communication and water tunnels on the Canary Islands and in Spain achieving above average results.

ALPEX also successfully develops trade and marketing operations by selling Polish mining machinery to the Czech Republic and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Qualified, high-skilled, professional and experienced staff enables our company to render complex services, which in short may be described in a following manner : "ELABORATION AND PREPARATION OF THE DESIGN - DELIVERY AND ASSEMBLY OF MINING MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT - PROVISION OF MINING WORKS AND SERVICES". Company’s versatility ensures great interest and high opinion of its business partners.

Many years' of Company's dynamic activity in scope of mining works and services abroad has been awarded with:

  • "Polish outstanding exporter of Katowice voiwodeship in 1997" title,
  • "Polish outstanding exporter of 2000" title,
  • "Europroduct" award for the achievements in 2001,
  • "Exporter's laurel" award for the achievements in 2002,
  • "Euroleader 2002" title.